Long Form Reference Videos

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October 31, 2012 by D Loeven

Long Form Reference Videos

Remembering long form can be challenging when starting out.  Here are some reference videos for those starting in their forms.  These are also good to just watch and enjoy the forms.  I’ve embedded links to each video in the names highlighted or underlined below.  ‘Click’ on a name to go to that person’s video.   If you’d like to see a video added, let me know!  I’ll see you in class!

1. Pieces of long form spliced into one video. Demonstrated by: Dr. Dennis Dilday (1) 

Using the time marker on the play/pause button to indicate the start of each segment, the parts are listed below.  

0:00 Beginning Style – As if Shutting a Door; 2:57 Needle at Sea Bottom – Swing the Fist; 3:26 Cloud hands – White Crane Flaps Its Wings; 4:49 Reverse Grasping Bird’s Tail – Single Whip; 6:13 Needle at Sea Bottom – Completion Style

2. Long form in two videos. Demonstrated by: Ladan Niayesh (2)  

Beginning Style – Single Whip  Ladan Niayesh, part 1 (2)

Single Whip – Completion Style Ladan Niayesh, part 2(2)

3. Long form in two videos. Demonstrated by: Stuart Verity (3)

Beginning Style – Single Whip  Stuart Verity, Part 1

Single Whip – Completion Style Stuart Verity, Part 2 

Additional Information

(1) Dennis Dilday of Everett, Washington, USA

Experience: 20+ years, a recommended teacher on Practical Tai Chi Chuan’s website

For more information, please visit his site: 


“Dr. Dilday has been a student of health and fitness for over 35 years, a practicing doctor of chiropractic for over 25 years; and a Tai Chi Chuan practitioner for over 20 years.” Bio from provided website.

(2) Ladan Niayesh, FRANCE

Experience: 15+years, a recommended teacher on Practical Tai Chi Chuan’s website

For more information, please visit her site: http://www.wudangfrance.com/

Ladan Niayesh practicing Tai Chi Chuan Wudang style since 1995. She began her training with Wei-Chau Son, a student of Cheng Tin-Hung. In 2001, she met Dan Docherty and became his direct disciple. Ladan won a bronze medal in Tai Chi empty hand in the championship of Great Britain in 2007, and a gold medal at the sword in the championship of traditional Tai Chi Chuans in London in 2009.”  -Bio from website, translated into English via Google Translate:

(3) Stuart Verity, London, UNITED KINGDOM

Experience: 11+years, Recommended Teacher on Practical Tai Chi Chuan’s website

For more information, please visit her site: www.bodycorp.co.uk

Stuart Verity is a Coach/ Instructor member of the British Council for Chinese Martial Arts.  

2008 Awarded advanced Level Teachers Certification by Tai Chi Chuan Union of Great Britain.

2008 Silver medal winner in Restricted Step Push Hands at the First London Competition For Traditional Tai Chi Chaun.

“My interest in Movement and Meditation lead me to a study of Chinese Qi Gong Yoga. I started teaching Qi Gong Yoga part time in 1998, around this time a came across the work of Ken Wilber and his ideas about long term Integral Transformation Practice.

In 1999 I began a Diploma in Wudang Tai Chi Kung Fu. In 2003 I started a 4-year Diploma training in The Feldenkrais Method. I received permission to teach Wudang Tai Chi Kung Fu from Sifu Dan Docherty in 2004 and became qualified to teach Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement classes and Feldenkrais Functional Integration one to one remedial bodywork in 2007.” -Bio from his provided website.  


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